Today in the life of Otterpop

It’s about damn time to live it up
I’m so sick of being so serious
It’s making my brain delirious!
I’m just talkin’ truth

Friday, November 5, 2010

What is a day in the life of Otterpop?

What is a day in the life of Otterpop? 

   Well for starter, my name for all intensive purposes on Blogger, is Otterpop a nick name give to me by my friends. it was original just give to me as just Otter but as you will learn with my blog I'm a little on the insane side of the human spectrum. well eventually with enough bitch from the peanut gallery from me, they changed it to Otterpop, because there amazing and that what i am. So i will not be telling you fine people in the blogger world my real name or will i be sharing anybody else real name in this blog. I feel since I'm telling story's to complete strangers about them i could at lest give them some shred of privacy.

   Second, i shall warn anyone that decide to read my blog that it is not for the naive mind. i will swear and i mean a lot when i get going, i will not tell a lie and will flat out tell u the truth about my life, i will most likely piss a few of you off in this process. to be honest i do not give a flying fuck if you do not like my blog, all you have to do is go to a different page or turn off you computer and go out side and stop living your life on a computer. yep i said that get over it, cause guess what? I'm not going to care what you have to say if it is negative. i have a very large ego and it wont hurt me in the smallest way.

   So my name is Otterpop i am a college student in the south west portion of the united states*. i have made a very large group of friend on this campus and i guess you could call us a clique but were not really stuck up with people that don't hang around with us. we invite people from all walks of life to joins us including once that are just planning walking by. but my blog will be telling the story's of our random escapades we have along with the silly thing that we do on a day to day basses. some of my story's might be obscene so if you still believe in the Easter bunny i am giving you a warning flat out not to read this blog. plus i don't really want to listen to u ether i don't have that much time to wast.

   That's all I'm going to write for know but there shall be more to come i promise you that. I'm have a back up of story's to tell and everyone has been riding me about starting a blog or a web page for the last couple of months and i have a few hours to kill before i go chill with them all. So until the next time you read:
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night,
and have a wild ride in your life.

* I'm not telling information about myself that is in my private life that u don't need to be apart of sorry.